It's time for NuWays!

Our mission: Make a significant contribution to the democratization of the capital markets. We offer smaller but strongly growing companies an easier, faster and cheaper way to go public and raise additional capital once listed with equal access for ALL investors, institutional and private. High-quality and free equity research, events and advisory services form the basis of an innovative and democratic platform that connects all investors with listed companies.


Access to high-quality and free research with constantly growing coverage universe. Through our sector expertise, a clear opinion on every name and excellent access to management, we strongly support investors' investment decisions.

  • Free access to a growing research coverage

  • Unique access to management

  • Equal access to transactions (e.g. IPOs)


We offer especially smaller but fast growing companies a unique approach for raising growth financing through an IPO or capital increase, increasing visibility & liquidity and connecting with the right investors.

  • Redefined access to growth financing

  • Increased visibility amongst invesotrs through research

  • Unique access to private and institutional investors

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